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You will always find people who claim that charity does not belong in the cut throat, profit-driven business world …. well, we at Corporate Heart disagree.

We believe that at the heart of every business, are people; people who live in communities who want a better world for their families and future generations.

Businesses and influential people all over the world who also think this way, continually report inspirational outcomes, achieved by simply structuring a charitable giving program that aligns with their own core values and goals.

Corporate Heart makes it easy for corporations, individuals or groups to align a charitable structure to their everyday activities. We can create the perfect match for your business, resources and style.

Corporate Heart is a nationally resourced, boutique agency, based in Adelaide, South Australia. We work passionately with our clients and pride ourselves on our personalised service to tailor a program to capitalise on your particular strengths.

That’s what we do best …. realising your heart’s full potential so everyone benefits. Let us help you ensure your corporate heart is healthy and beats strongly.

(C) 2009 Corporate Heart Pty Ltd
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