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We know what works!
- Our implementation processes have been developed over time and are proven successful
- We constantly monitor regulatory requirements to ensure clients are always compliant
- We have a broad network of people and businesses who are prepared to share best practices to ensure successful outcomes for everyone.

Brand Protection
- We appreciate the importance of maintaining the integrity of your ‘brand’ and protecting the reputation which you have established.

Cost Effective
- Our services are very cost effective when compared to allocating existing staff hours to researching alternatives and implementing administration processes.

- In incorporating staff involvement either by salary giving or volunteering
- In integrating corporate charitable giving into our client’s overall business strategy and realising a return on investment.

- We have inside knowledge of the local and national charity sector
- We are up to date with the latest happenings and events
- We are able to identify the charities that use their donations wisely
- We understand the complex tax, charitable and fundraising regulatory environments.

- Our structure allows us to provide ‘offsite’ ongoing administration management if required (perceived by the public to be based at client premises)
- We are happy to work with your solicitors and accountants who already know your business

- We are passionate about helping to create a better quality of life for everyone